Affiliate marketing

Sales don't come easy in today's competitive environment. More the number of people talking about your brand, greater are the conversion chances. Hiring bigger marketing & sales team is the answer in real world; in virtual world, the answer is affiliate marketing.

Affiliates talk about products/services, generate curiosity about them, and influence buying behavior. In exchange of their efforts, they ask for monetary reward.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Rewards in the popular online marketing practice come in various ways. Some of the most common benefits are;

  • Brand gets presence on websites that target audience visits.
  • Affiliates use their influence to increase clicks and conversations.
  • Increased chances of sales and revenue generation
  • Increased web presence

Affiliate marketing gains are highest when all the technicalities and requirements are planned to the very last detail.

Why ALIF Technologies for affiliate marketing?

Everything about affiliate marketing inspires awe but it requires extensive research about relevant & popular affiliates, networks study, personal affiliate communication, negotiations, and monitoring to get maximum marketing mileage.

To make sure that banners and ads on affiliate websites attract visitor's attention, clever design work, monitoring, and timely adjustments are required. ALIF Technologies professionals also determine which out of CPA (Cost per Action), CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mille) will reap the maximum benefit for your project.

ALIF Technologies experts handle everything associated with your affiliate project, and make sure that your money is wisely invested.

Our time tested affiliate approach

ALIF Technologies believes every business is different, and thus requires unique affiliate efforts. While handling affiliate marketing project, we go through following steps;

  • Initial rounds of discussion to learn about client's business, target audience, product on offer, budget and related factors
  • Extensive research about networks and affiliates
  • Approvals from trusted affiliates
  • Design work on banners and advertisement copy
  • Monitoring, tracking and testing live ads
  • Analysis and reporting

Sometimes, business owners wish to target specific geographical locations, regions and population groups. With dynamic research based approach, ALIF Technologies experts ensure that chosen affiliates meet stated requirements.

ALIF Technologies realizes the value of your hard earned money and invest in only those affiliates that promise maximum torque to your business.

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ALIF Technologies - more than just affiliate marketing

ALIF Technologies is a complete web solutions firm and also offers services like competitor analysis, call to action optimization and social media marketing.

So, when you partner with ALIF Technologies, you partner with best web marketing minds.

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