Why Hire Best Search Engine Optimization Company(SEO)?

By Manish Bhalla: Founder ALIF Technologies(Best SEO Company India).

Search Engine Optimization – The Secret Sauce of Great Websites

If you are serious about your business, giving it a qualified shape and appeal on the internet isn't plenty an idea. Got what we mean? A website can certainly have you minting pretty pennies, but what next? Where's the search engines' treat? They will know you only when you optimize your websites. Search engine optimization, per se!

Websites are indeed a primary tool in marketing your website to the external world and web peeps. Considered to be the command central of your business, a website gives it its second identity. Bygone are those days when the world would flip over the yellow pages to seek a business' name. Times changed supersonically and web has taken over like no other. Get known, have a website, sprinkle it with best SEO services and get your clients rolling in. Search engines like Google, Bing understand optimized web pages to rank them higher on top pages for the targeted keywords. Often overlooked, but one of the most crucial methods, Search engine optimization is important for a successful website venture. It supports it like the spine and gets it visible in the eyes of Google bots, crawlers and spiders. Hiring best SEO companies is a great source code to having profitable websites that convert clients and build effective credibility of your business.

Internet is a huge ocean and several big fishes rule the landscape, in order to make your mark, it's wise to invest your advertising dollars in doing effective search engine optimization as well, than just gluing to offline marketing tricks. What matters in the end are your ranks on the search engine result pages. In order to behold the maximum grip, high page rankings, increased traffic and visitors, improved online presence, professional SEO packages are a definite resort.

Optimization entails everything from web page optimization to constructing back links, from keyword research to competitive analysis, from link building to content writing services, from video and image optimization to article and press release submission, from hub creations to social media creation and marketing and from social bookmarking to blog and local directory submissions. Search engine optimization is everything that can get you that coveted top rank throne on beloved search engines.

According to studies, an average of 65% (tentative) traffic comes from search engines to the websites, and what if your prospective clients do not find you on the cyber space? Your oppositions take away the iced cake. A lot of work is done by the good looks of your webpage, but most of the dressing is done by professional search engine optimization. It is not an overnight success story, if you go by morals, white hat SEO is the key to great victory online, optimize it once, and keep doing it, is how it works. It cannot be achieved in a spur of a moment; neither can be sustained if not done regularly and meticulously. There are several tangents under search engine optimization that must be mastered and applied to the websites to gain effective and winning results. It's the prize that keeps coming to you, provided you do it well. SEO is the method of tweaking and driving websites to get positioned on the big wide web!

According to John Wanamaker's adage, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is, I don't know which half". This is mostly if we go by offline modes of advertising, however, if we talk of search engine optimization, it's certain, quantifiable and traceable.

While you gather your conviction to invest in good and effective search engine optimization techniques, the next step is to freeze your pick on hiring the best SEO Company. But, just how would you know this is it?

Let's guide you through:

  • If they promise to give you top ranks on the big daddy search engines, gulp and take a moment to doubt their competency. There is no rule to gaining the top rank, nobody knows the certain way to the peak (in short, nobody knows what Google is up to anyhow).
  • Credibility of the company can be judged by the word of mouth. Check the recommendations given by your friends or business associates.
  • If you do not have anyone to recommend you the perfect SEO resort, you can look towards forums, but with a grain of salt. (Did that just rhyme??)
  • Ask for their works and the websites that they have optimized for others. What could be a fairer play than this?
  • Before investing in SEO packages, confirm the PR of their site to ensure their credential.
  • What trick do they use? White hat or black hat? Always avoid hiring companies or professionals who practice and apply these:
    • Auto doorway pages
    • False and misleading redirects and cloaking
    • Keyword loading
    • Hidden links or texts
    • Pages stuffed with irrelevant keywords
    • Duplicate contents on pages
    • Centralized or unrelated link farms
    • Similar techniques that attempt to fool search engines
  • Go for only those professionals who insist on high quality content based search engine optimization strategies.

ALIF Technologies is one of the premium SEO Companies that's ranked as best in India for its unsurpassed experience, expertise and knowledge that reflects in their clientele works. We have been optimizing and designing multitude of multiple private websites for more than 9 years in a row. Clients have a wide array of services to choose from and customized plans to suit their requirements as well.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Vs Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Marketing is generally understood either as a broader term which includes Paid Advertising(PPC/CPC etc) and Search Engine Optimization or some people believe SEM equals Paid Advertising. We will talk about SEO only, which is related to designing and programming your website in a manner which is liked by the Search Engines especially google. If google likes your website over others, your website will be ranked higher on SERPs for the target keywords searched.
Best Search Engine Optimization tips are being shared down there on this page, keep reading.

Why Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

As soon as you launch your website, first question comes to your mind is, "How to bring traffic to this website?", isn't it?

Everybody wants his/her website to be coming on first page on all search engines. We have rarely seen a client asking for page 2 ranking, every website owner wants his/her website ranked on Page 1 and sometimes they strictly mention only in top 5 and some ignorant clients who know nothing about SEO Techniques they ask for Rank 1 on google for all the target keywords which are mostly one word or two word keywords.

Logically, Search Engine Optimization is required to ensure you get your share of visitors from search engines for what you specialize in and what you sell or share on internet. SEO is the science, art and process which ensures that your website/web page is getting due respect from the search engines.

Every search engine has its own algorithm to rank the websites for different keywords. These algorithms take into account as much as 200 unknown factors. Optimizing your website for those 200+ unknown factors is called Search Engine Optimization.

We are working on this list of unknown factors and will keep on updating that list on ALIF Technologies .net, keep watching for the Best Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Things that need to be done to garner interest from search engines

  • Submit your website on major search engines
  • Select the target keywords/phrases carefully, intelligently & smartly.
    • Most common keywords related to yProducts/services will always be targeted by almost everyone selling the same services/products as you do.
    • Use keyword suggestion tools like the one offered by google or wordtracker to find less competitive keywords. It makes better business sense to bring in 100 visitors per day by targeting less competitive keywords/phrases than to win only 10 visitors per day by targeting only highly competitive keywords.
  • Make sure your website is highly optimized for the relevant and target keywords
  • Target one set of related keywords/phrases per page
  • Keep on analyzing your website performance for the target keywords/phrases and do the required revisions into the page content if satisfactory results are not achieved or you see that results can be improved.
  • Hire professional SEO company to take care of Link Building, Social Media Bookmarking, Article Submission, and Directory Submission for you.
  • Build child websites to promote the parent websites, be sure that child websites contain unique and relevant content, and are linking to parent website using the relevant keywords in the link text.
  • Give web users a reason to talk about your company and its products on blogs, discussion forums, social media and bookmarking sites.

Choose our SEO services for search engine dominance.

What sets us high-er Vis a Vis our competitors?

  • We extensively research keywords that assure a winning website and improved bottom lines
  • We target primary targeted keywords in meta tags
  • We place unique meta tags on every page
  • We optimize every page for relevant keywords
  • We completely design optimized websites before embarking on real search engine optimization.
  • We create unique, fresh and high quality contents.
  • We avoid link farms, doorway pages to place links of client's website.
  • We perform creating backlinks from relevant websites.
  • We use anchor texts in link building works for effective results.

Being the best SEO Company doesn't come easy; it takes years of consistent and persistent experience and expertise. ALIF Technologies has had a noted journey through all these years where a heady affair with internet plays the meat. Backed by a team of industry experts, ALIF Technologies is indeed one of the lead companies with extraordinary ambitions.

We go by what we mean, "If it's web-fit, It's got to be ALIF Technologies"!

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