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if you get your landing page optimized.

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What is
landing page

Landing page is a web page your potential website visitors arrive at after clicking on an
advertisement or a search engine result link. It could be your home page, or any other page on your
site. The web page typically displays content which is a relevant extension of the advertisement or
the link. Improving your landing page by displaying products and services optimally for each viewer
in order to facilitate conversions is known as landing page optimization.

At ALIF Technologies our landing page experts feel that AIDA model
influences the design of highly converting landing pages.

  • A

    AttentionAttract the attention of the
    visitors with an appealing and
    intuitive design.

  • I

    InteresTIncrease the interest of the
    visitor by strategically
    introducing benefits and
    advantages rather than focusing
    on self-praise as done in
    traditional marketing.

  • D

    DesireCreate a desire for the goal that
    you want your visitors to
    accomplish through well-knit
    information architecture.

  • A

    ActionInclude elements that
    facilitate visitors in
    completing their intended
    task and lead your visitors
    to the conversion funnel.

Landing page optimization basically
works on two simple principles:

  • Finding out what works well for your page and doing it more often.

  • Finding out what isn’t working well for your page and eliminating it.

At ALIF Technologies we believe that, in the world of online marketing Landing Pages work 24*7*365 for us as our BEST sales men!

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Have a look at how landing pages optimization
has benefited other companies

  • The web browser giant Mozilla Firefox optimized its landing page to reduce the loading time. This increased the download conversions by 15.4%.

  • Adding a video on the landing page to showcase the features helped Dropbox boost its conversions by almost 10%.

  • By adding trust indicators an American Express travel representative website, cook was able to increase its conversions by 48%.

  • By eliminating one field from the registration form Expedia was able to increase its profits by $12 million..

  • Removing Some Content from Landing Page Increased Sales by 62% for WikiJob .

Now have a look how landing page optimization
can benefit you?

  • It will help you “Deliver better experiences” to your visitors

  • It will help you achieve “Low bounce rate”

  • It will help you achieve “Higher revenue”

  • It will help you attain “Better conversions”

  • It will help to “Add value to your PPC campaigns” by getting more conversions

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Frame work of an optimized landing page

  • 1.

    Brand Image: Your company name and logo must be perfect, bold and clearly visible.

  • 2.

    Remove the navigation: The main focus of a landing page is conversions, so keep your visitors on track. Each navigation option you provide dilutes their attention.

  • 3.

    Headline: Focus the visitor's attention with a clear and concise headline.

  • 4.

    Graphics: Implementing videos, images that relate to copy on a landing page leave a positive impact. And it gives an interesting look to the content.

  • 5.

    CTA: Set your call to action apart, they should be easy to find on your landing page and must stand out amidst all the content.

  • 6.

    Use adequate content: Always strike a balance between the amount of text and graphics that you use on your page. Also, make sure that your visitors have enough information in hand to give them the confidence to contact you.

  • 7.

    Add testimonials to your landing page to build trust among your visitors. But make sure you don't use false or made up ones!

  • 8.

    Keep your form short and simple. Don't ask for information that you really don't need. Asking for extra information might become a reason for high bounce rate.

  • 9.

    Client Logo: If you have affiliations with other brands,use it on your landing page to build credibility.

  • 10.

    Keep reinforcing CTA: Make sure you repeat your CTA's at regular intervals.

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After 5 years of industry experience and hours of research
we use the most effective method of optimizing landing pages

  • Action Oriented: The reason why landing page is distinct from other web pages is because they have a goal to be fulfilled. Your landing page must be oriented towards a single action and all the elements on your landing page must facilitate that action. For your landing page to be successful, always have a single outcome as your aim.
  • Observe Stats: Once you know the ultimate purpose of your landing page, it’s easy to measure success. The percentage of visitors who take the action that you desire on your website determines to what extent your goal gets accomplished. For example if the outcome that you want is conversions, then by measuring your stats you can easily find out how many conversions actually happened.
  • Conduct different type of testing: By testing your website using different techniques like A/B can easily find out what’s working for your website and what’s stopping your visitors from taking the action that you want them to take. We believe that making small changes to your website have the power to yield huge results.
  • Optimize: Based on your test results, make the necessary changes and optimize your landing page. After that test again to see the results and witness higher conversion rate.
Don’t let your landing page optimization in the hands of immature optimizers. Get
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Three basic things which make an optimized landing page:

  • 1 Attractive Design
  • 2 Convincing Copy
  • 3 Well-Organized Navigation

Take Some Quick tips from our experts:

Handle Objections Above The Fold:
Make sure you are handling their biggest objections above the fold. Do not try to handle every objection above the fold. Keep analysing and refining.

Page Layout:
Try to create a very user friendly layout which provides easy and clear navigation.Everything on your landing page should focus on a single goal – conversion.

Be consistent:
Make sure that your copy matches(or is similar) to the Ad or link which drove your visitors to your page. This will reduce confusion and ensure that users feel like they are getting exactly what they came for.

Remove all distractions:
The main focus of a landing page is conversions, remove anything that might distract your visitors, it may be as small as a lot links being displayed on your page.

Each and every landing page must drive visitors towards a common goal, if different elements of your landing page are taking the visitors in different directions then its time to re-work the design and content part.

If you don’t have the power of optimized landing pages then you are missing out on a lot of action, or let’s just say CONVERSIONS !

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