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"Just when there's something 'negative aggressive' written about you or your business, perhaps one of these emotions happen, 'should I ignore?', 'revolt back?', 'should we respond?', 'censor comments'? Or just 'see what happens'?"

More often than not, this is what you are faced with in today's times if you are an online merchandiser by merit or choice. Cyber space is a super fast highway where gossips travel faster than clicks, and someone with an opinion will always have his say to blurt whatever they want to, good or bad! If you keep feeling happy about the fact that you have a great looking website and lots of handsome content to it, you might just be losing out a lot on what your customers are whispering through the web windows.

Your company's brand power is determined by the reviews that are posted online about you. Online reputation management is a buzzword that demands focus from one and all. What people see and read about you is different from what they should see and read! ORM controls that, if taken care of by specialists.

The best rule however for a great ORM is to strike a balance between controlling and managing comments online and letting go some of it, for sometimes bad press pulls in customers too just in case you are already a biggie, not always, make sure.

Online reputation management, a must have for all online entities, is a practice to shield your business from any unwanted malicious conversations being strewn against you on the web. In times where internet has made ways for free expressions, and people have the liberty to say whatever they want to, it becomes important to hire best reputation management company to take care of your web image, before you fall out of the league. Simply put, it is monitoring gossips floating about you and making the most of them, for good of course. Thanks to social media, reviews about you can travel all across the web through the web valleys of press releases, videos, comments, report complaints, and the like.

Why do we need online Reputation?

For reasons more than one, online reputation management is indeed one significant game that you must know the rules of before playing.

  • To develop and manage your brand. To protect its integrity and redeem your reputation. Those who scour through the WWW and see people ridiculed by your firm's performance might get turned off even before approaching you. Hence ORM becomes the order of the day.
  • It's a great way to win 'goodsome' amount of top rank on search engines. Online reputation management helps in building your rank base and enhancing the positioning of your business. To gain top slot on search engines, doing an effective ORM could prove to be really worthy.
  • Market stability
  • It allows you to put your best face and foot forward
  • Protection against malicious remarks and feedback
  • Improve client base and revenue streams eventually

Hazards of Bad Online Reputation

  • Scare away interested clients.
  • Fall in customer share from web.
  • Fall in revenues
  • Tarnished brand image
  • Slow Growth
  • Loss of loyal customers to rival firms
  • Bleak long term prospects

Mention on review websites like, and plays catalyst in the process of reputation erosion and the horrendous results are visible very soon. Therefore, it's better to manage reputation before it succumbs to such an attack.

Strategies Involved In Reputation Management Services

Some of the Online reputation management strategies that our ORM masters perform are:

  • Blog Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Network set up
  • Mention monitoring
  • Brand name monitoring
  • RSS Feeds
  • Search engine optimization positive promotion
  • Positive reviews posting

ALIF Technologies provides industries most affordable and efficient reputation management packages. Our packages are designed to fulfil the reputation management needs of all the business sizes and segments. Our packages:

Premium Reputation
Advanced Reputation
Expert Reputation

Google Clean Up: First Page

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Google Clean Up: First Two Pages

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Google Clean Up: First Three Pages

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Why ALIF Technologies?

Reputation management may seem an easy task but technically speaking it is not. Apart from having knowhow of web tools and great content by one's side, reputation management experts need assistance of SEO to finish the job. Without SEO, it becomes near to impossible to handle reputation tasks. Therefore, a reputation company having professional SEO experts by its side can really work magic. In the SEO field, ALIF Technologies scores over its rivals in the industry. Click here to see what SEO services we have on offer.

An industry expert and in business for more than 9 years, ALIF Technologies, a comprehensive web solutions firm needs no introduction. Backed by a team of market specialists, we apply the most appropriate SEO techniques, public relations and online marketing strategies to help your brand become an all new hero on the web. We do professional ORM the innovative way. ALIF Technologies makes sure your clients behold you in good opinion. We make them read about you what they must and should, and not what they \are not supposed to. ALIF Technologies offers world class ORM services to a global audience within any business budget. We push down negative news about you and push up fair fables up on top.

Call us today and get a customized quote from one of our experts. Treat your business with a specialized ORM strategy under the patronage of an industry leader, you name it and ALIF Technologies is the answer!

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