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Mobiles are not used for just calling anymore. Nowadays, people browse, chat, socialize, buy and search by using their handheld devices. It is being said that cell phones have finally arrived and there are plenty of reasons to bolster the fact. Smart phones have witnessed tremendous hike in sales made in recent time. Billions people access internet from mobile devices and they share major portion all the internet users. And mind you, the number will grow with the passage of time. In such a scenario, it has become obligatory for businesses to invest in web platforms that could show up in search queries run by such a large lot. Thus, there is a great surge in demand for mobile web design companies like ALIF Technologies that have the capabilities of evolving simple yet engaging mobile websites.

Why Separate Mobile Website?

The question usually appears in the mind of businessmen not active in the web field. They are not able to place the need considering the fact that they already have full-fledged websites that demonstrate their products and services online. The answer to this is that such websites are made to run on bigger machines like personal computers. Such websites usually fall apart when they are opened using smaller devices. Apart from that, there are a number of design formats such as FLASH that are not supported by web browsers. Therefore, to reach customers that have a taste for smart phones and tablets, mobile web platforms with limited yet crucial features are required.

What’s the Urgency?

Tectonic plates of web have started their movements and by the end of this decade, a sea change in the way we access internet will be clearly visible. Though there are innumerable points that indicate towards the urgency factor, most important ones are mentioned below.

  • No one has the time to sit in front of a desktop to do what can easily be taken care of on the move through mobile handsets.
  • 40% of U.S. mobile subscribers regularly use their smart phones to browse internet.
  • Mobile searches will overtake desktop searches by 2015
  • One in seven searches is made through mobile.
  • Over 3, 00,000 apps have been developed to cater the ‘smart’ community in the last three years.
  • Online shopping trend is getting popular with each passing day.

For business, web design for mobile devices is going to be must in near future and those who will not have the mobile advantage might have to pay in terms of revenue and client loss. So, believe it or not, the urgency is there.

What All Need to be Considered?

A regular website and mobile website ask for entirely different level of skills and expertise. Considering the small screen size and speed limitations, one had to be very careful while selecting what to show and what not to show in a mobile website. For scoring with mobile websites, one needs to focus on.

  • Prioritizing features to be included.
  • User Centric Approach
  • Simple navigation
  • Content prioritization
  • Input minimization
  • Connectivity and speed considerations

Considering the above points, regular web designers would just not be right for the job of a mobile web platform. Mobile web designers are the right persons to contact and ALIF Technologies has plenty of them.


Cost constraints are there regardless of company’s size but in case of small and medium firms, affordability is a slightly bigger issue. It is a widely accepted fact that web services don’t come cheap, especially in case of designing. Therefore, affordable mobile website company is something which is always sought after. Rather than having large profit margins and small number of clients, ALIF Technologies believes in keeping its profit share comparatively low so that large number of clients could be targeted and serviced. Profits, we believe, will come from the volume and also from satisfied clients coming back for more.

How Can We Help?

ALIF Technologies is a seasoned player in the field of mobile website design services. Our web professionals are aware of the areas where a mobile platform needs to score and by focusing on the same, they develop innovative platforms. With assistance from clients, ALIF Technologies experts follow an extensive process to identify the final users of the mobile platform to evolve a user-centered design. Along with it, every aspect ranging from prioritizing content to navigation and cross channel integration to scrolling considerations are taken care of and discussed with client. For us, it is very important what our clients wish to have. Request a mobile web design quote to discuss your project needs.

The Future

The future will certainly be dominated by smaller devices. This could be understood from the popularity of iPhones, iPads and smart phones. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to have platforms using which mobile web users can explore their offerings. For small and medium businesses too, it could pay rich dividends because web users often use such devices to look for the location and contact information. ALIF Technologies can help you make an investment in future.
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